Case Study: “Roller Weights”

“Roller Weights” is a patented workout machine invented by one of our clients. WillC2IT LLC designed its prototype, logo, and website. Adobe Dreamweaver + WIX were used for WYSIWYG design and HTML coding.Adobe Fireworks was utilized for its vector graphics, images, and branded logo. VSDC Video Editor was used for videos and video edits. Audacity …

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WillC2IT LLC’s Sister Sites

The following are WillC2IT LLC’s The Digital Affiliate’s sister sites:

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Welcome To WillC2IT LLC

WillC2IT LLC‘s commitment is to help our customers market themselves successfully through content writing (via articles and blog posts), social media advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram), as well as targeted branding (through viral posts and SEO). Our company also deals with Affiliate Marketing and utilizes its strength in adding further value with our …

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